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ID Scan 

Everyone Deserves a Fair Start

Synthetic Identities are created by using 9 digit numbers that do not currently exist in the credit bureau's records. Identity thieves may attain these numbers by identifying 9 digit numbers that have never been issued (which is difficult to do) or by using a child's Social Security Number as a short cut to meet that need. 

We at Bottom Line Fraud have conducted training for financial institution investigators and law enforcement throughout the country on techniques to identify synthetic identities. We can perform a detailed search of your child's SSN to identify unauthorized use. 

If we discover your child's SSN is being used to open accounts or obtain credit using a synthetic identity, we will work with you to discover where it has been used and assist in resolution. 


1 Child

Sleeping Baby

Search for indicators SSN usage, Identify accounts, assist in fraud resolution and deterance


Additional Child

Bumper Cars

Add syblings at a reduced rate


12 Month Follow-up

Family at a Beach

Receive one additional scan any time within a 12 month period


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