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Employment BackGround Screening

When conducting employment background screening and verification there is no generally accepted method or definition. It is important that you work with a provider that provides an FCRA compliant report and understands how to navigate public records and private databases to get to the truth. Speak with us to identify your needs. Background Screening may include the following:

  • Criminal History

  • Identity Verification

  • Professional License Verification

  • Employment Verification

  • Education Verification

  • Social Media Scan

Employment Back Ground Screenings are conducted via a three step process; verification of applicant information, discovery of  undisclosed information, and research of public records and open sources for the desired screening service selected. Our Employment Screening Report is not intended to provide an opinion on the reputation, or character of any person. Our Back Ground Screening is used solely to gather all the records necessary for the Client to protect themselves from fraud and other liabilities during the hiring process and beyond.

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