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Our fraud mitigation service takes a holistic approach built on an ongoing partnership between us and our clients. Our goal is to custom tailor solutions that assess your current exposures then provide the training and expertise you need to stay on track. 


Services may be tailored and expanded to meet specific needs. Actual services will be outlined on an individual basis in the engagement letter. The below is provided as an example.






A Certified Fraud Examiner will meet with you onsite to review your business model, financials, internal controls, policies, concerns, and identify key personnel. It is vital that the examiner develop an understanding for the way which funds flow through your company in order to identify weaknesses.


Once key personnel have been identified, background checks will be obtained on a select number at owner's discretion.

*Subject to employee authorization and contracted through partner agency. 


Onsite interactive training for all employees is valuable to educate employees of their role in building an anti-fraud culture. This training is in no way accusatory but instead focuses on presenting the importance of maintaining fraud awareness to help the team as a whole. Employees will learn common signs and symptoms of fraud so that they know when to contact the tip line to report incidents they feel could negatively impact the organization. This training will also serve as an opportunity to introduce them to Bottom Line Fraud and ensure they understand our role in ensuring an anti-fraud environment. When the employees know there will be someone actively seeking out fraud, they will be much less likely to ever consider giving in to that temptation.


An anonymous reporting mechanism is imperative to maintaining an open communication channel to your staff. This can be operated via phone or online portal where employees can communicate possible policy violations or other indicators of fraud without fear. All tips will be assessed for risk potential and communicated when deemed material.


All fraud examinations will include a  report outlining identified vulnerabilities and recommendations to mitigate risk of internal and external fraud.


While our fraud mitigation services are focused on fighting internal fraud, our knowledge of developing fraud trends puts us in a unique position to prepare our clients for the latest tactics in external fraud threats as well. Clients will be advised of the latest trends and provided with policy recommendations to assist in mitigating outside risk from fraudulent activity.



The members of Bottom Line Fraud LLC are all currently active law enforcement detectives specializing in incidents of fraud and financial crimes. This experience provides an unparalleled perspective from which to communicate the threats which exist in business and the price paid by not only the business owners, but the perpetrators as well. 

ID Theft

ID theft is the new norm. It is a sad truth that when dealing with ID theft victims the only consolation is that we are all already victims, the fraudsters have just not gotten around to us yet. Our immense experience in dealing with ID theft can assist by communicating current trends and warning signs as well as setting up procedures to limit exposure. 


Synthetic Identity Fraud


Synthetic identities have been around for years. However, the institution of Social Security randomization in 2011 and the introduction of EMV chip cards has pushed fraudsters to seek credit on synthetic identities designed to game the antiquated credit system. Lenders have felt this fraud trend growing over the past 3 years and are just awakening to the daunting scale. Unfortunately, as a biproduct of the need for fraudsters to identify Social Security Numbers not currently in the credit bureaus database, our children have become the primary victim of this epedemic.  

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