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Prevent, deter, and detect all forms of financial crime and fraud through proactive partnerships with clients to add value to the bottom line.


Bottom Line Fraud is built on the idea that fraud losses are preventable when proactive measures are employed. Through our experience we have seen time and time again how long trusted employees and family friends have fallen victim to the temptation of theft. This is often a long coming decline which begins with an “innocent” unauthorized “loan” for a lunch and ends with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of theft. These situations can wreak havoc on business operation. It can cause ownership to become distrustful of all staff and can create a rift between you and your employees, affect team moral, and influence customer experience. We believe that by employing a range of fraud prevention and detection techniques, these losses can be stopped before they begin and discovered before they grow. By employing these proactive prevention techniques you can keep your valued employees honest and secure your business reputation.



At Bottom Line Fraud LLC, we are asking for a great deal of trust when you decide to partner with us. For this reason it is important you know who you will be placing that trust in.


Jesse Gossman is first and foremost a husband and father of three young girls. A fifth generation South Florida native, he loves all that Florida has to offer and has dedicated himself to serve the community since joining the Florida Army National Guard at the age of 17. He served as an enlisted soldier with the 1-124 Infantry and went on to serve in the IRAQ war 2003-2004. Upon his return he attended college at Florida Atlantic University and began to serve the South Florida community as a Police Officer in 2007. Jesse went on to serve the Florida Army National Guard as an Officer, after electing to attend Officer Candidate School in 2014.    

Jesse  is a current active police detective with 16 years of experience as a law enforcement officer. He is a senior detective in the Economic Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division for the agency which he works. South Florida has long been regarded as the fraud capital of the US. Through his experience in law enforcement Jesse regularly works with business owners, forensic accountants, and various federal and local agencies to investigate and  arrest those involved in all varieties of financial crimes; including bank fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property theft,  identity theft, and financial exploitation of the elderly. Through his experience he has not only learned the means by which fraud occurs, but through suspect interrogations has gained valuable insight into their motivations and the warning signs too often missed by trusting employers.

In Jesse’s ever growing desire to better himself and perfect his ability to fight fraud, he attained a Master of Accounting degree with a concentration in forensic accounting. This educational background has granted him a deeper understanding of business operation and the inherent risks to the bottom line associated with internal as well as external fraud. Jesse used his extensive background and education to attain the globally recognized credential of a Certified Fraud Examiner as well as that of a Certified Financial Crimes Forensic Examiner.  

 Jesse is driven by his awareness of the prevalence of fraud provided to him by his unique position. Too often strained resources permit fraudsters to go free. Jesse has seen the real cost of fraud in his victims exhibited by layoffs, pay cuts, and in some cases the closing of doors. His largest frustration arises from the preventative nature of almost all cases of fraud.

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